Exchange an asset to another.


  • Send one paired asset output required

  • to data optional Define the receiver address.

  • to_aa data optional

    Define the address of an AA to send it to after swap (used to do multiple swap in a single request).

  • amount_out_in data optional

    Define an amount minimum to receive from the swap, if the amount to receive is lower than the amount set the unit will be bounced.

  • deadline data optional

    Define a timestamp, the request will be bounced if deadline expired.


trigger: {
outputs: {
base: 10000,
'WhsD5Y/1NeKROgQojGwfe9EBC7NH4KnAk4CorCrVRhs=': 200000


responseVars: {
type: 'swap',
asset0_amount: 42000